All of our inventory at Cars R Us is priced fair and aggressive and all prices assume you are paying in full. We sell most of our vehicles outright paid in full.

However, if you cant quite come up with the full price, have less than perfect credit, or maybe have no credit…we may be able to help! We have helped 100’s of great people get a car with our In House Financing Program.


Cars R Us is the only car lot we know of the does not charge interest! 0% with no gimmicks! We work with you and are flexible on monthly payments that you can afford. We dont want to set you up to fail! We don’t pull your credit or dig into your past. And we only have a few requirements to approve you:

A source of monthly income.
A qualifying down payment.


Our down payments are larger than some ‘buy here/pay here’ places. The down payment we need is 60% (just over half) of the price of the vehicle.

Here’s a general example. If the vehicle you want is priced at $4350 you would need  about $2600 down (60%).  We add our $95 title work fee (less than the other dealers) and a one time finance fee of $595 for a total price of $5000.  You would only owe $2400  due in 8 monthly payments.  Lets assume you are able to pay $300 a month. You would have 8 monthly payments and your car would be paid in full! Pretty easy!

Other dealerships that specialize in “buy here/pay here” Would generally charge you $8000 or more for that same vehicle and then add up to 35% interest, this fee, that fee, etc. You would easily pay $10,000 for the same vehicle you could buy for $5000 from Cars R Us. You simply need that qualifying down payment amount.

So if you have monthly income, a good solid down payment, are honest, trustworthy, and want a fair deal even when financing… We can help!